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December Front Lines
Dec 20, 2021 Click to view December Front Lines
December Pathways to Managed Care
Dec 17, 2021 The December edition of Pathways to Managed Care is available to view here .
Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 24, 2021 We are thankful every day.
Front Lines: November
Nov 16, 2021 Click image below to view November Front Lines
Front Lines: October
Oct 21, 2021 Click to view October Front Lines
RCM: October 2021
Oct 14, 2021 RCM: October Edition Just Released
October Pathways to Managed Care 2021
Sep 27, 2021 Click the image below to view the document :
Front Lines: September
Sep 17, 2021 Click on the document to view:
Simple Message
Sep 3, 2021 Simple Message.
Front Lines: August
Aug 24, 2021 Click to view our August edition of Front Lines
Front Lines: July
Jul 13, 2021 Click to view our latest Front Lines July edition:
Front Lines: June
Jun 22, 2021 Click to view our June edition of FrontLines
Updated COVID Information
Jun 11, 2021 Click to view updated information regarding TennCare and COVID
Nurses Recognition
May 26, 2021 We applaud them all! Thank you to our nurses! Click to continue reading
FrontLines: May
May 26, 2021 Trauma Care: Lessons from the Battlefields Submitted by Blaine L. Enderson, MD UPA Treasurer & Medical Director One can easily say that the United States trauma system evolved through lessons click to continue reading
Nurses Day
May 6, 2021 May 6, 2021 is National Nurses Day. We salute you today and every day. You are dedication at its finest. James M. McLoughlin, MD pays respect to his office nurse as we pay recogognition to nurses this month. Click to continue reading.
FrontLines: April
Apr 29, 2021 Stress Awareness Everyone experiences stress. Stress is a response... that helps your body adjust to... click to continue reading
Dr. Nathan Smith: Insight to being a doctor
Mar 30, 2021 "It was gratifying to see someone in desperate need of help..." Click to continue reading
Insight to Being a Doctor: Maria C. Javier, MD
Mar 29, 2021 "Every patient is special. I am especially in awe of the resilience and fortitude of kids with special needs and chronic illness." Click to continue
Dr. Crystal Gue: Insight to Being a Physician
Mar 26, 2021 "I recall my first patient encounter was approached with a mix of confidence, fear, anxiety, and awe." Click to continue
Doctors' Day: Insight with Robert M. Craft, MD
Mar 25, 2021 UPA honors the many heroes for thier powerful contributions every day! We would like to introduce you to one of our leading physician members with some insight to what being a physician means to them: Robert M. Craft, University Anesthesiologists ...
The Fast Lanes of Healthcare
Mar 23, 2021 We are certainly grateful for all of our physician members! UPA would like to introduce you to one of our champion leaders, Dr. John Stancher. Click to continue
UPA Front Lines: March Edition
Mar 23, 2021 UPA honors all physicians everywhere and celebrates National Doctors' Day on March 30, 2021. We are certainly grateful for all that our physicians do every day. Without them, we could not exist, nor-would we want to. Click to continue reading
Pathways to Managed Care: March 2021
Mar 10, 2021 Click to Continue: Pathways to Managed Care (March 2021)
February Front Lines
Feb 22, 2021 For most people, managing their healthcare by themselves can be a confusing task. Statements like “I don’t feel bad, so why do I need to see a doctor?” or “I don’t know what my blood pressure is, why does it matter?” are common questions we may ask ...