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UPA will provide resource material to assist your practice during the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) as information rapidly changes.

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Partnership, Accountability, Integrity, Expertise, and Versatility

UPA offers the medical community seamless, knowledge-based solutions by providing services customized to a client's specific need.

Clinician Spotlight

Pamela W. Wright NP

Primary Specialties:

Allergy and Immunology

Phone Number:

(865) 584-8588 Learn More

Kevin M. Martinolich MD

Primary Specialties:

Sleep Medicine

Phone Number:

(865) 305-8761 Learn More

Garnetta I. Morin-Ducote MD

Primary Specialties:

Diagnostic Radiology

Phone Number:

(865) 305-9661 Learn More

Kelly S. Bumpus DPM

Primary Specialties:


Phone Number:

(865) 632-5700 Learn More

Jeffrey H. Johnson MD, FACC

Primary Specialties:

Cardiovascular Disease

Phone Number:

(865) 544-2800 Learn More

Brian F. Wiseman MD

Primary Specialties:


Phone Number:

(865) 305-6740 Learn More

Travis D. Deyton NP

Primary Specialties:

Critical Care Medicine

Phone Number:

(865) 524-7471 Learn More

Allison M. Raymes NP

Primary Specialties:

Neonatal Critical Care

Phone Number:

(865) 582-3116 Learn More

Bryan R. Fowler CRNA

Primary Specialties:

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Phone Number:

(865) 305-9220 Learn More

Alan D. Grindstaff MD

Primary Specialties:


Phone Number:

(865) 305-9080 Learn More

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