UPA Tennessee


Designed for Protection

Credentialing is a series of activities devised to collect, verify, and investigate information. If not followed properly, credentialing can be one of the highest risk procedures performed in healthcare organizations. We specialize in credentialing.

We provide credentialing solutions such as:

Credentialing Authentication

University Physicians’ Association (UPA) serves practices throughout Eastern Tennessee. We perform a labor intensive collection, verification, and investigative pursuit in order to authenticate the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. The information serves as an important foundation for determining the training, experience, and competency of our healthcare practitioners.

Following regulatory requirements for credentialing and periodic re-credentialing, UPA ensures that the quality of membership is identified and defined so that the practice’s patients receive high-quality care. UPA members are assured compliance by audits that are conducted internally by the UPA compliance office and externally by federal and state regulatory agencies, Carrier Delegated credentialing audits to follow NCQA guidelines and The Joint Commission (TJC).