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Coding, denials, audits, bundling, rules, staff, timelines, constraints, deadlines, regulations, and accuracy - in the medical practice, billing can be a crippling disease. The complexity for providers has only increased. However, when you partner with the University Physicians’ Association (UPA), your medical billing challenges have a curable diagnosis.

The success of a practice is critical when it comes to medical billing. Practices must ensure they have accurate and current information. It's more than just processing claims: it's having the right tools to battle the beast of revenue cycle management. This is what our team at UPA can provide.

Why choose UPA?

UPA is physician owned. We know firsthand the value of having trained billing specialists at work for you. A billing service should understand your individual practice and unique specialty. UPA works closely on accounts to identify problems within the revenue stream.

More reasons why you should choose UPA:

  • UPA works with managed care plans to keep on top of payer logic, reimbursement, denials and appeals, and optimizing results.
  • Reporting provides you with the essential performance indicators necessary to manage your practice.
  • As part of our billing service agreement, we provide you with the practice management software, initial set-up, and training tailoring processes to make the most effective use of the software for your practice.
  • UPA provides return on the physician's investment with solid financial reporting features.
  • Our experience in testing multiple systems allows us to know what works best as opposed to a staff with limited resources and time.
  • We have a Customer Service Department that is dedicated to billing resolutions with one-call solutions.
  • We are dedicated to keeping up with system upgrades designed to continuously meet regulatory compliance such as meaningful use, ANSI 5010, and ICD-10.
  • Our optional integrated EHR system allows automatic transfer of charges into the billing system.
  • UPA has the management tools you need to improve operational efficiency, reimbursement, and collections.
  • UPA provides live support associates in the United States to clientele with dedicated resources to effectively manage your revenue cycle.

It’s more than claims processing. Contact us to effectively manage your revenue!

As a trusted physicians’ association serving Eastern Tennessee, we understand the importance and centrality of effective and ethical billing practices. You can have peace of mind relying on UPA to handle your billing.

Reach our office at (865) 670-6700 for more information.