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Optimize Your Clinical Performance

Balancing "Value Based Care" for your patients while strategizing office operations takes as much focus and time as does your actual practicing medicine. Most clinical practices (whether large or small) do not have the resources available apart from the time to pursue these obligations in healthcare today.

Our excellent reputation is what called UPA into Practice Management services.

UPA's dedicated leadership team is equipped to quickly navigate through major problems that surround day-to-day practice operations; many times before the physician is even aware there is a problem. Providers need resources available for vast matters such as CMS star ratings, MIPS quality measures and revenue cycle management.



Feeling alone in a corridor with urgent questions?

Just like your professional staff is prepared for anything they may encounter, our team deals with healthcare decisions on a broad scale and provides your office staff with solutions in a quick manner with the appropriate details to support. UPA is locally owned with corporate offices conveniently located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Sandy Jones

Director, Physician Practice Management


Office: 865-670-6711

Broad Experience

UPA's trust platform was established years ago through multi-specialty physicians facing delemmas that threatened the future of their practice. It remains difficult for them today to survive with a profitable margin. Our team listens intently to the providers' needs and understands the work flow that can ultimately cripple the practice if not properly organized. We are experience you can depend on.


UPA's resources bring peace to chaos. Our brand represents many good qualities but we know it stands for dependability. We understand the marketplace and the obstacles that providers face. We are seasoned with experience because our team members are empowered to investigate topics that are potential concerns for our physicians and their practice. We know there are difficult conversations. We've learned to embrace change with confidence. We place value on doing our homework while making decisions in a quick manner with supporting details. UPA identifies trends and issues before physicians are aware there is a concern. UPA is a source of truth that our longstanding clients depend upon. We value strong relationships with physicians, carriers and major entities that enable us to get issues resolved.

Our partnership with you matters.

We are people and technology at its best.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!