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UPA Office of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

In today's ever-changing healthcare environment and emphasis on the value and quality of healthcare delivery, the role of an effective and comprehensive compliance program is more important than ever. In preparation for the future of healthcare, the University Physicians’ Association (UPA) is committed to making compliance an integral part of our business operations. Read on to learn about the UPA Office of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs and the services we offer to our valued physician members.

Betzaida Shands, VP Regulatory Affairs & Chief Compliance Officer

Leigh Henderson, Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Our Comprehensive Compliance Program

We have designed our compliance program in line with seven important elements recognized by the Office of the Inspector General:

  1. Written policies & procedures — Principles that guide the culture of compliance
  2. Keeping abreast of current laws and regulations—An effective compliance program makes every effort to stay up-to-date with federal and state compliance requirements
  3. Training to engage team members – We provide training for all team members to ensure everyone is equipped to provide high-quality care
  4. Effective communication – Our program emphasizes effective communication between members to facilitate seamless operations
  5. Internal monitoring & auditing — This will allow us to identify any issues, and allow us to evaluate how our compliance efforts can help to correct them
  6. Implementation of standards — Ensuring that all our team members stay true to our policies and procedures
  7. Promptly responding to issues — Once a problem is identified, proper steps will be taken to promptly resolve it

Protection for our members. Assurance for our future.

At UPA, we strive to ensure that our compliance program stays current and consistent with pronouncements from the Office of the Inspector General, as well as state and federal laws and regulations. There is no doubt that healthcare organizations must be ready and responsive in facing the new challenges that the healthcare reform will bring. Here at UPA, we are devoted to developing an effective and enduring compliance program to ensure that the right approach is taken the first time, and every time.

To learn more about the UPA compliance program,
contact our office at (865) 670-6700.