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Here at UPA, we are proud and excited to be recognized as a Gold Status organization by the East Tennessee Wellness Roundtable. This award is sponsored by the Knox County Health Department and Tennessee Department of Health, and is granted to companies that exemplify excellence in worksite wellness by supporting a culture of wellness to improve the health and well-being of their team members.

In order to promote a culture of wellness, we use an online portal for tracking and incentives, provide resources for both personal and physical growth, and prioritize the health of all team members in our everyday operations.

Upon your official start date with UPA, you are able to access our new UPA Wellness portal by logging onto www.myupawellness.com from any computer or mobile device that can access the web. This new portal is a critical component of our goal to continue cultivating the culture of wellbeing at UPA. Here are a few highlights of what you can do:

  • Access health and wellbeing information in multiple formats (e.g., articles, videos, eLearning)
  • Track hundreds of activities and measures (physical activities, nutrition items, biometric measures, sleep, community service and much more)
  • Set an unlimited number of goals based on any item that is trackable
  • Join individual, team and group competitions
  • Launch your own private challenges and invite others to participate
  • Join teams and connect with other colleagues
  • Earn incentives and track progress using the custom incentive dashboard for team members
  • Log activity automatically by connecting an activity tracking device or app (like a Fitbit, Garmin, Runkeeper app, etc.)

In addition to all these great features, we are pleased to announce that the new wellness program will be available to all UPA team members, spouses and dependents over the age of 18, regardless of whether you subscribe to our medical plan.

Contact Katie for further information and inquiries.

Wellness Events

Heart Walk

Details forthcoming.