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The fundamental purpose of the Billing department is to accurately review and process physician charges for billing purposes.

Our main goal is to submit clean claims to insurance carriers in expectation of accurate claim reimbursement on initial claim processing.

Team members of the Billing Department are not only trained on the basics of understanding Intergy, coding/billing concepts and billing department policies, they must also learn how Billing department process effect the entire revenue cycle.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

UPA’s Accounts Receivable department is the central hub of accountability for our clients. We ensure the recovery and management of their overall Revenue Cycle. Our representative’s main roles include analyzing and investigating unpaid or denied claims and conveyance the health of the practice back to the physicians and administrators. As one of the largest departments within the UPA Revenue Cycle Management team, we consist of 3 AR managers, 5 AR team supervisors and 36 AR representatives. Our AR managers have an average of 17+ years of experience.

Why is AR so important?

Accounts Receivable is the lifeblood of a practice’s cash flow.

We are an important part of their overall profitability and our contribution can have a direct impact to the income stream of the practice.

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Coding & Appeals

Coding & Appeals

The UPA Coding Manager is responsible for Coding education for Revenue Cycle Management team members as well being an onsite Coding resource to aid in resolving denials, billing errors, and appeals. Our Appeals Coordinators are responsible for thorough claim review and evaluation for appeal validity based on information provided by Team Members. The Appeals Department reviews appeal requests for coding accuracy, supporting documentation, compliance with payer policies, and ensures that payer requirements are met for appeal submission. Appeals Coordinators develop uniform and compliant appeal letters and track appeal outcomes.

Customer Service

Customer Service

The definition of Customer Service is: the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

At UPA, we don’t just provide customer service, we strive to provide exceptional service.

Exceptional service is treating others the way you want to be treated.

Maximizing your ability to resolve issues as fast as possible while making the experience enjoyable and professional. From day one, this department has been trained to make the patient/caller a priority. Having representatives who have the right combination of customer service skills and knowledge of their industry is a must. These representatives are doing more than just answering the phone, they are applying revenue cycle concepts with every interaction.

Having a dedicated focus on the patient has been a game changer for how we deliver the full spectrum of Revenue Cycle Management to our Clients.

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The UPA Revenue Cycle Management Deposit Department processes confidential and financial aspects for our clients. Many of our functions may seem routine on the surface but are extremely important and consist of great volume within any day’s task. Major focus points are (but are not limited to):

Processing of credit cards

Verification of office payment journals

Prepping deposits

Monthly client spreadsheets

Lockbox items

Prepping items to be placed out to posting

This department is accountable with daily and monthly deadlines. Each of these ladies in the Deposits Department works to ensure detail and accuracy of their work. They pride themselves as a team in trying to make month end as smooth as possible for all teams at UPA Revenue Cycle Management.

Document Imaging

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Payment Posting

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It's more than just accurately posting a payment....it's about:


Understand a remit, payer rules, terminology; identify denials and translate to the ANSI equivalent


Identify overpayments, apply adjustments, note denials, watch for unusual trends, post adjusted payments from corrected claims and payer adjustments

Skill: Import electronic remits and report electronic payments to post
Speed & Accuracy: Posters maintain at least 95% accuracy and post over 338,866 payments each month, averaging 1400/day/team member

Have assigned databases separated equally, cross-trained to back-up each other, independence, job security, personal space and a casual atmosphere and monthly team building events



We have a lot to say but this “sums” it up as a

“Rapid Refund” Department In Our Own Words:


We Help Each Other

Laugh (a lot) at One Another

Close Knit Group

Great Team

Going Beyond

Our Team Works Hard

We Genuinely Enjoy Our Job

See Things Differently


Think Outside of the Box...In Fact... We Got Rid of the Box!

Our Refunds Team Rocks!

Training, Reimbursement Analysis & Special Projects

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The Training Department works with our clients and UPA Team Members. We take great pride in working with all team members and clients to equip them with the right resources and gain a better knowledge of multiple processes we encounter. We enjoy working with UPA team members on items to help grow you personally and professionally in your career.

Reimbursement Analysis

PMMC is the software used to monitor Reimbursement Analysis. Through this department, all UPA contracted clients, are ensured they have obtained proper reimbursement under the contracted rates. This department works directly with the payers to work items found through this process. It takes great detail and analytical skills to work through items that show as being either underpaid or overpaid. Through this department we are able to recover dollars owed to our clients.

Reporting/Special Projects

The role of this team member’s responsibility is to contribute to various projects within the organization on an as needed basis. The position requires team members to have the ability to multitask involving completing a project. It requires skills and knowledge of the departments and would include common duties in the position. The special projects team member reports to upper management on the progress of the project and communicates the progress.

The role of the team member for reporting is to identify and report financial data in a dashboard to clients. They must be very detail oriented and have to ability to have high quality scores.