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Our mission at the University Physicians’ Association (UPA) is to serve clinicians through healthcare business solutions. Our experts team up with physicians to ensure that they are able to focus on their patients rather than on administrative operations.

Meet Our Providers

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UPA's network of independent physicians provides a higher degree of effective care coordination which leads to the ability to deliver higher quality of care. Classified as an Independent Physician Association (IPA), UPA is an established business that combines years of clinical and administrative experience with healthcare business operations.

The resources we provide to our members include:

  • Workshops
  • Important Carrier Updates and Communications
  • Catered Services to Accommodate Your Needs
  • Orientation and Training

Support for East Tennessee Practices

We offer a flexible plan designed to give our members the freedom to choose appropriate services in order to enhance their practices. We offer the best available services in today’s healthcare market, with excellent service for physicians and superior IT support. Get to know our governing leadership.

Contact our professionals at UPA by calling us at (865) 670-6700!